Salão Vila Franca do Sul

Services Done: Website Design, Website Development and Digital Marketing

Vila Franca do Sul

Vila Franca do Sul is an angolan company focused on holding various type of events outside and inside its hall. Our partnership with Vila Franca do Sul started with the creation of a website capable of illustrating the refinement, quality and luxury in the services of this magnificent company. For 14 days, our team worked closely with representatives from Vila Franca do Sul to ensure that our design would best illustrate all the details and services of this ClientTec.

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The biggest challenge in the conception this website with the QTEC stamp was precisely the design, given the need to idealise and create a website that concisely illustrated the beauty, energy and elegance of Vila Franca do Sul. It is important to highlight also that the founders managed to finish the site in less than two weeks, raising the bar even further.

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Vila Franca Feedback

"The service and attention provided by QTEC were excellent, not only did we see the site completed within two weeks, but we were also pleased to see every detail done in the best possible way."
Juliana Chitumba Directora Comercial